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Which Horror TV Stars Are Creating the Most Screams on Social?
October 28, 2015



Just in time for Halloween, social media exploded this week with two major cliffhangers from The Walking Dead and fans did not shy away from sharing their outrage and shock on the internet. These zombie apocalypse fanboys and girls are just the beginning. We’ve seen a resurrection of horror TV fans with major networks picking up horror series and Oscar-winning actors (and even pop stars) taking on the scariest of the roles.


While the rest of America is still recovering from their Walking Dead hangover and with trick-or-treating just days away we needed to know the top horror TV stars who are scary good at social media.


Using Klout data, we went on a hunt to scare up the social media winners and losers of the most horrific (and favorite) TV shows. First, we used IMDB to look at the most popular horror TV series. We then pulled the top 10 actors (based on episode appearance) from each of the selected series: The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Scream Queens and Sleepy Hollow to power the list.


And the Horror TV Stars Killing it on Social Media Are…


At the top of the list is Social Media Scream Queen Lea Michele, followed by Kathy Bates of American Horror Story, Keke Palmer of Scream Queens, Emma Roberts of both American Horror Story and Scream Queens and rounding out #5 is Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead.


Here are a few frightening facts from the research:
• Leading ladies dominate the screams on social media (7 out of the top 10 are women)
• The Walking Dead had a social media shakeup this week, but only 1 star cracked the top 10 (Norman Reedus)
• American Horror Story and Scream Queens are virtually tied with having 7 and 6 stars (respectfully) in the top 20


An honorable mention must go to Lady Gaga and her couture-clad vampire role in American Horror Story: Hotel. There’s no doubt that her sick and twisted performance blows up #AHSHotel each week. She didn’t make the criteria to officially make the list, but her Klout Score of 93 would make her the #1 scariest social media star.

We’d also like to implore Hollywood legend Jessica Lange to join the social era. She doesn’t make the list, because she’s not on Twitter. But we know her legions of fans are eager to see her first tweet. Her award-winning performances on American Horror Story are simply amazing; so we could only imagine the 140 character posts that she would come up with.


Social Media Tricks-and-Tips


The top five are all doing similar things on social media to have Klout Scores of +81. Here are the five best things the top 5 are doing on social media:


1. They tweet fellow cast mates and use popular hashtags:




2. They live tweet episodes:




3. They rally fans and encourage a dialogue with reTweets:




4. They thank fans:




5. They post the content fans want to see – pictures and real-time news




Did these spook you? Well, check out the full list below and share your shock and outrage with @Klout.



Francisca Fanucchi

Francisca is a Klout expert that has worked with Klout since 2014.

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