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Meet a Klout Star: Corey Andrew
March 24, 2014


As we’ve said before, creating great content is the single best way to improve your impact online. This month, one person in particular caught our eye with his uncanny ability to harness the power of social media with his content — Corey Andrews. Corey was so inspired by a recent Klout Perks experience that he produced a music video to capture the moment for the Klout Tastemakers program.



General Mills was so impressed by his video that they’ve reached out to Corey to explore how they can work together to support Corey’s dream of creating music. We spoke with Corey and we’re excited to share more about his journey with you.



How did you hear about Klout?


As an entrepreneur and artist, I spend a lot of time online. Many people were talking about their Klout Scores, and I became obsessed with understanding how to improve mine. We’re in a digital age where social media offers everyone a platform to share their message. It’s exciting for me to be considered an influencer and I take that very seriously.



What inspires you to create great content?


When I created the video for the Klout Tastemakers, I had been wanting to experiment with different creative skills that I’d taught myself, but was waiting for the the right inspired moment for all of it to come together. Inspiration comes in many forms and when it does, it hits hard. Mine came in a box on that specific morning. I got a melody in my head, and I knew what I had to do. I sat down and spent an hour writing down lyrics and recorded it on the same day. The music video I produced is about expressing the experience the product created for me.



How do you use social media to support your personal and professional goals?


I was an early adopter of social media. I started by using MySpace to share my music and slowly noticed that people were using social media to organically to find me. Social media literally gave me my music career. The best part is that it continues to grow and I can keep building on top of that momentum. Now, social media has become my constant stream of consciousness. I use it to build relationships with people across the world.



What’s your strategy for creating content that drives engagement and creates reactions online?


1) Share and engage with other people’s content. By doing this, you are supporting your community and this also opens the opportunity new people to find you.


2) Stay on topic, in real time. Even if you may not be an expert about a new trending topic, offer your opinion, start authentic discussions, and learn from those discussions.


3) Collaborate with people. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you admire and explore how you can work together. From a social media lens, this can result in them sharing your content, tagging your name, and allowing you to grow your audience.



What does success on social media mean to you?


Success to me is when someone I don’t know reaches out to me. I’m always so honored when people seek me out. The main thing that stands out to me with social is that I have the power to create the connections and opportunities that I want. We live in an age where you can market yourself without being dependant on a third party. There’s less of a need for record labels or agents to get involved. The internet is a miraculous place; social media has created many opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.


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The best way to have an impact online is to create and share great content that will strike a chord with your followers.


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Sahana Ullagaddi

Sahana Ullagaddi is Demand Generation Marketing Manager for Lithium Social Web at Lithium. She previously led content, community, and social marketing for Klout. Tweet her at @itsmesahana.

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