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Meet The Lithium Stars
January 21, 2015




Our community stars program (called “Lithium Stars”) is an important insight into the value we place on recognizing outstanding communities we work with and the people behind them. It is about sharing knowledge with others and providing valuable feedback and constructive criticism.


We want to introduce you to some of our community experts and share some of their stories.




Let’s Introduce the Stars


We have a number of Stars in our program that are doing outstanding things both in their communities and Lithium’s. You can find the full list of members in the Lithium Stars Program here. For our video, we asked a few members what they are doing in their own communities and the special moments they have had with influencers.


So without further adieu, meet our video Stars



Claudius is the Community Manager serving the vibrant community of Skype users. He grew into his position from multiple directions having been a long time forum moderator.




Stephen Fell is the Senior Content & Engagement manager at TalkTalk in the UK. Stephen drives a growing community, social engagement team as well as help & support content/sites across both our consumer and b2b business and he loves it!




Jenn Chen is the Community Manager for Intuit Demandforce, an automated communications and marketing platform. She also has a background in technical support, and has the desire to deliver the best experience possible for her customers!




Sarah manages community and social media for Glass. Sarah has been with Google since 2007 and has been working on community for most of that time, from helping to set up Google’s Top Contributor program and the Community Manager role, to building a social media engagement team from scratch.



Klout and Lithium Together


Community is essential both online and off. We love how the Stars are practicing what they preach both by being engaged on the Lithium Community and encouraging conversations on their own communities. They reward their influencers across the board, be it small “kudos” or providing the opportunity to meet the CEO, they make their influencers feel appreciated.


At Klout, we believe influencers should be rewarded with amazing experiences from brands, after all it doesn’t just end with having a high Klout score. Influencers have a voice in communities, as well is social media channels like Twitter, Facebook (and the list goes on). That’s where Lithium and Klout connect. We connect people with brands in a powerful way.



The Power of Peer Reviews


Harness the power of peer reviews to stand out from the crowd during the holiday season.


Download the white paper



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