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MarketMeSuite Integrates Klout
April 21, 2011

Just last week we were pleased to announce our developer community surpassed 2000. We love seeing new applications using the Klout API and today one more has joined the Klout family.




MarketMeSuite is a social media marketing dashboard for small businesses and teams. Similar to other management platforms using Klout like Hootsuite, Cotweet, and Seesmic, MarketMeSuite makes it easy to respond and engage in social media. Their Klout integration introduces influence into this mix, making it easier for businesses to prioritize and learn more about their followers and customers.


Tammy Kahn Fennell, of MarketMeSuite, adds “As a social media marketing dashboard for small businesses, we realize the importance of being able to measure the quality of your lead, as well as monitoring your improvement.  Klout is helping our users decide who to interact with, and is giving them a great standard to measure themselves against to see how using MarketMeSuite is helping them raise their score.  MarketMeSuite users have been really enjoying the integration, and we look forward to what the future holds!”


If you’re a small business looking to manage it’s social media presence definitely check out MarketMeSuite. Let us know what you think!

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