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Looking for the perfect Twitter strategy? Here's some food for thought.
May 02, 2014


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You probably already know that growing your social community means more than just increasing your audience size. To succeed, you need to spark conversations that lead to genuine relationships. It’s these relationships that will add value to your business, not necessarily your follower count.


Yet learning how to be great at social media is sort of like learning how to be a great chef. Everywhere you look, there are thousands of books and articles touting the perfect recipe — but how are you supposed to know which one to follow? The truth is that there are no shortcuts. The perfect social media recipe depends on your particular needs, goals, resources, and industry. Finding the right recipe requires time, patience, and endless experimentation.


Here are some tips and tricks for experimenting with one ingredient of your social media recipe: Twitter.



Step Back & Think About It


Do you spend hours on Twitter without feeling like you have accomplished much? Ultimately, your social media strategy should be your guiding principle. For each platform the approach will be slightly different, but it should all work in synergy towards the goals you set at the top.



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Ask yourself these questions when revisiting your Twitter strategy:


  • How many new followers are you aiming for every month? (Be realistic!)
  • Who is your target audience or niche?
  • What does your audience like to talk about?
  • What are your community values?
  • What #hashtags will make your content more discoverable?


Get Organized



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There are at least three things you can manage better to get ahead of the Twitter game:


  • Time: Allocate time blocks for daily, weekly, and monthly Twitter tasks. This way you won’t feel like you’re drowning.
  • Content: Use your favorite social relationship platform to schedule your timeless tweets (e.g. tips, quotes) once a month.
  • Audience: Utilize lists to group influencers around your topics, friends you talk to regularly, and anyone else you are likely to search for in the future.


Show That You Care


People can tell if — and when — you’re being authentic on social media.


  • Listen more than you speak. Remember the 80/20 rule: listen 80% of the time, speak 20%.
  • Remember and appreciate your regular tweeps.
  • Focus on building relationships first, not selling.

Leading your community by example is the best way to bring your social media values to life.


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Join the Fun


Twitter chats (and parties) are typically one-hour, fast-paced conversations around an interesting subject. They are a great way to gain exposure, make new friends, and boost your Klout score!


Tune in to the influencers in your space to know what Twitter chats are happening each week. We host #KloutChat on Twitter every month. The next one will be on May 8th at 11am PT to talk about connecting social media goals, voice, and audience.  Click here to tweet about it.


Chances are you’re already familiar with some of these techniques, but just haven’t had the time to put them to work just yet. Hopefully this fresh perspective will empower you to gain momentum more effectively with your Twitter community. And remember, if you’re not seeing results, it’s not because you’re not doing it. It’s because you are not doing it over and over again.


Do you have social media spring cleaning tips? Please share below.



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