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Klout and Sony Take Influencers on a Photography Adventure
May 29, 2013

We love rewarding our influencers with exclusive products and experiences. For a recent Klout Perk, we partnered with Sony to take food, travel and outdoor sports influencers on an exclusive photography adventure in San Diego.


Sony helped influencers get hands-on with the advanced features of the Sony NEX-3N and Sony HD Action Cam throughout the day. Participants had the opportunity to visually capture the beautiful San Diego coastline, marine life at the Birch Aquarium, and an exciting paragliding experience!


The group was also given a presentation with pro-tips from Jeff Berlin, a professional Sony photographer, to help them take the best shots possible with their Sony NEX-3N and Sony HD Action Cam, which they took home after their adventure-filled day.










[Photo credit: Caryn Bailey]


One participant shares, “[This adventure] was the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done.”


We are always looking to expand and offer new Perks. The best way to be selected to participate in these kinds of experiences is to register for Klout and create engaging content on social media. To stay eligible for Perks, please be sure to keep your settings up to date.



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