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Klout Welcomes Tim Mahlman as Chief Revenue Officer
August 22, 2011

Our mission is to help every person understand and leverage their influence. Historically, most of our efforts have been on the science and engineering side — building algorithms to help Influencers understand the power of their content. More than a year ago, we started experimenting with Klout Perks as a way to help people benefit from their influence. We have run over 75 campaigns with brands such as Nike, Disney, Audi, Turner, Fox, Hewlett-Packard, Proctor and Gamble and Virgin America and have found amazing results:


  • The average Klout Influencer drives 30 pieces of content and 164,000 impressions in a campaign.
  • Perks campaigns are becoming a key part of product launches for many top brands
  • The majority of clients choose to do another Perks campaign.

Most importantly, however, is that Klout users love Perks. Klout Perks campaigns fill up extremely quickly and Influencers tell us again
and again how much they enjoy taking part in these programs.




I am proud to announce that Tim Mahlman has joined Klout as our Chief Revenue Officer. Tim has previously been responsible for building scalable creative advertising solutions at companies such as Blue Lithium, Yahoo and Turn. He has global experience, having lived and run companies in three continents. At Klout, Tim’s responsibility will be to scale the number of influencers that are able to tell their story about the products and services they interact with.


Here at Klout, we talk about inventing a new form of marketing. In reality, this is only half true. Influence has always been the holy grail of marketing. Connecting with the few who activate the many is the dream of almost every brand and marketing professional. With the growth of social media this dream is now becoming a reality. The challenge here is building a model that is both scalable and respects the fact that we are dealing with influential people, not page views, CPM’s and CPA’s.


Though Tim’s background is mainly from the display advertising world I am impressed with his passion for social and unlocking the world’s influence. With an already impressive list of clients, Klout is ready to expand into Fortune 500 advertisers. We couldn’t be more proud and excited to have someone like Tim joining our team.


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