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Klout Scores Hit All-Time High!
April 01, 2015




If the growing popularity of the selfie stick wasn’t proof enough that selfies are the most valuable piece of social content swirling around the interwebs today, then this announcement certainly will turn you into a believer. The geniuses behind Klout have been busy concocting a new algorithm that finally gives selfies the social influencer credit they deserve, giving an extra special (and rather substantial, might we say) boost to the Klout scores of the many fabulously narcissistic selfie-takers all around the world. Whoever said “a selfie a day keeps all modesty away” was just talking all sorts of silly!


So far, this change has been met with nothing but open arms. This new algorithm is a radically different approach to measuring social influence, like nothing we’ve seen before. It takes into account more inputs, networks, and what we’re calling “real world” signals into a person’s final Klout score, creating a new way to accurately reflect someone’s online presence. It’s our own way of showing that the evolving definition of social influence is in direct correlation to perceived shifts in the cultural zeitgeist. This change is all about staying ahead of the curve.


“Everyone wants to be the life of the party,” said Katy Keim, CMO of Lithium and Klout. “The new Klout reflects this cultural shift. Prolific selfies are now a surefire way to add 100 points — although we’re still working on whether “duck face” increases or decreases the score – reflecting that the more you believe you are important, the more the Klout score delivers.”


And while this news has sent selfie-taking skyrocketing pretty much overnight, we thought we’d up the ante on our Klout Perks to show just how much we love our self-loving selfie artists! Here’s just a sampling of what we’ve got lined up for a new top scoring Klout users:


1) A seat on the first-ever Klout-sponsored trip to Mars (major bragging rights!)
2) Lunch with Elvis on the veranda of Graceland (trust us, this is the real deal!)
3) “High Penguin” language lessons (now you can communicate with those cute critters!)


So go ahead – start overflowing your social networks with glorious selfies and see your Klout score rise to all new levels (we’ve even seen some get as high as 190!). Or, if you caught on to this April Fools’ gag, tell us about your best April Fools’ experience in the comments below. You might as well take a selfie while you’re at it, too!


And please check back in a few weeks when we have some REAL news to share. We’re excited about what’s coming up–but aren’t going to spoil the surprise.



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This insatiable gravitation to social media only indicates a serious social issues these days. Really?? the best source of information is gotten from walking down the street with your heads down.... reading some bonehead blurb on twitter?? Really?? I used to find it very scary when I found myself getting my news from comedians... Jon Stewart... Stephen Colbert....  as the essay maker states its become very hard to differentiate legitimate news and comedy these days.... let alone social media. I often think of how useless responding to this medium in the Washington Post is.... who really looks or listens??

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The masters behind Klout have been caught up with coming up with another calculation that at last gives selfies the social influencer credit they merit, It's British Essay Writers own particular manner of demonstrating that the developing meaning of social impact is in guide relationship to apparent moves in the social zeitgeist.


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