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Klout Perks in 3 Easy Steps
October 25, 2014



Marketers today face some unique challenges on social. It’s hard to keep up with the plethora of social networks, let alone create a unique strategy for each that engages people. Even when you do build a customized strategy, it’s still hard to reach the right people, on the right networks. With over 90% of consumers distrusting ads today, how do you get them to engage with your brand?


One solution is Earned Media. The loudest voices on social are no longer brands broadcasting a message, which is why marketers are turning to trusted, organic content creators to help them share their brand message. However, creating a compelling earned media campaign and engaging people on social is often easier said than done.


Klout Perks helps brands find and engage with the most powerful content creators across social to generate scalable, cost-effective earned media. Our team of industry experts partner with you every step of the way to build a unique VIP experience that will wow influencers and get them sharing. We help you connect to people who are proven to be passionate about the same things your brand cares about, and with 10,000 topics assigned to Klout users, it’s easy to drill down to the specific topics that are relevant to them. Making your campaign targeted and highly cost effective.


Download our latest guide to learn how Klout Perks works in 3 easy steps.



Why the world’s top brands rely on Klout


Learn how you can reach your ideal customer on social media.


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