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Klout Has Crowned the First Ever T-Mobile Social King
February 14, 2012

We would like to congratulate Jory Caron for being crowned the T-Mobile Social King of CES. Jory influenced his way to the top with a total of 395 +K for the topic CES2012. This not only earns him the crown, but social bragging rights and a fantastic T-Mobile 4G Prize Pack, including a Samsung Galaxy S II with a year of service, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and a T-Mobile 4G Mobile HotSpot.*




Since Jory accomplished such an awesome achievement, we asked him a couple questions.


What special influential powers did it take to be crowned the T-Mobile Social King? Did your YouTube help at all?
My viewers are awesome and so when I asked them to help me out a lot of them did… I love them… best viewers ever.


How does it feel to be the T-Mobile Social King of CES2012?
Feels pretty cool, I don’t ever do things like this where I directly win something… I usually use it to help friends or charities but it was nice for once to win something for me.


Congratulations Jory!


Thank you to all who participated, we are excited to see who might step up next year at CES.


To see official rules please visit http://bit.ly/xv84HE.


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