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It’s Time to Get in the Holiday Spirit: #12DaysofSocialCheer Starts Today!
December 07, 2016





The year is almost over and what better way to celebrate than #12DaysofSocialCheer?


Starting today (Wednesday, December 7th), we’re giving you access to valuable social marketing resources that will make you shine in 2017. Trust us – they’re pretty good resources!


Here’s how to join the fun:

1) Visit us here daily to unlock the social gift-of-the-day

2) Be sure to share #12DaysofSocialCheer on Twitter to enter a daily $200.00 (USD) gift card sweepstakes. Yes, that’s correct – we’re giving out a $200 gift card each day!


Don’t miss out on unlocking 12 days of awesome (and informative) gifts – you’ll be delighted with valuable tip sheets, eye-opening statistics and fun prizes!


Here’s how it all works so you can get in the #12DaysofSocialCheer spirit.


About #12DaysofSocialCheer:

  • What: For 12 days, visitors will have the chance to unlock daily gifts and be entered into a sweepstakes by sharing #12DaysofSocialCheer on Twitter
  • Who: Open to everyone! But you must be at least 18 years of age to win the prizes
  • Where: Visit us daily to unlock the social gift-of-the-day right here: http://www.lithium.com/12daysofsocialcheer
  • When: Starts on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific, and runs every business day until Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific
  • How: It’s easy. Simply visit us here to unlock daily gifts and share the hashtag #12DaysofSocialCheer on Twitter to enter a daily $200 gift card sweepstakes
  • Why: Why not? It’s the holiday season! Plus, we want to help you do your job better in 2017 with some great social marketing resources


Still have questions? Review the sweepstakes rules on the site, or give us a shout in the comments.


Enjoy #12DaysofSocialCheer, and here’s to a New Year full of social cheer!

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That is why this article intends to give very specific guidelines to understand what is impulsive behavior, how it manifests in the classroom and how it can be managed from a pedagogical perspective.

What do we understand by impulsivity?

This article would not have been possible without reading the book entitled The intelligence that learns  written in four hands by José Antonio Marina and Carmen Pellicer. In this book it is revealed what are the main executive functions among which we find, of course, the control of impulsivity .


In their book Marina y Pellicer they state that impulsivity is:


A tendency to act too fast , unthinkingly or disorderly.

A tendency to seek immediate gratification , which complicates the fact of proposing goals in the medium or long term.

A tendency to not be able to prevent certain automatic actions .

Because impulsivity has been an aspect that has worried many educators. In fact, María Montessori herself emphasizes the importance of learning restraint to discover our true interiority.


In fact, a child from his childhood learns to:


  1. To wait for an answer instead of demanding it instantly


  1. To do something.


  1. To reflect.


  1. To have will.

Fathers and mothers teach their children to inhibit their impulses through language. And in that control of impulsivity there are two stages: learning and getting it to obey.


Get to obey

How impulsivity manifests in the classroom.

Precipitation in the tasks, but without being able to finish them

Continuous demand for adult care

Inability to postpone the reward

Irritability and variable mood


Propensity to aggression and challenge

Little short-term memory

Difficulty when following instructions

Ask what was just said

Moments of absence and disconnection

Propensity to proffer inadequate comments

Difficulty sitting

Little focalization, it costs them to do only one action at a time

Little patience and self-control

Surely now that you have just read these features you will be thinking of a student in your class. Moreover, surely many of us make the mistake of blaming that student for his behavior. And blaming does not improve a situation, on the contrary, it tends to get worse.


That is why as teachers our biggest challenge, in the words of Marina and Pellicer, is:


"Maintaining the balance between controlling impulsivity and the tendency to passivity in learning is your challenge."


And how should we face this challenge? Marina and Pellicer propose eleven performances in his book, of which I would highlight these three:


Restrain the predominant natural response

Search acceptable alternatives

Make the correct response pattern a habit

From here, let's see what are some factors that help control impulsivity in the classroom:


Put explicit and visible limits . This affects both the behavior in the classroom and the procedures performed in it.

Propose tasks that imply a high degree of motivation for the student . On how to motivate your students I recommend reading article 11 Keys to teach motivation in the classroom .

Take into account the space and distribution of the classroom and insist on order.

Schedule rest times .

Make the tasks very clear . Do not give more than one instruction at a time. It is recommended to give instructions for any task in writing. in my case I use the digital board.

Reward the task .

Set a time for the student to express how he is behaving and how he has performed the tasks in the classroom .

Anticipate the need for demand .


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