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Introducing YouTube Scoring
September 15, 2015



Every 60 seconds, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. It’s no surprise that YouTube houses the world’s most creative and engaging original content. YouTube is also the most highly requested integration on Klout.

Starting this week, YouTube activity will be reflected within the Klout Score. If you haven’t yet connected YouTube to your account, go here and do it today.


Introducing the YouTube scoring algorithm has been years in the making and we’re very excited to offer it today. Adding Youtube signals to the Klout Score will allow our users to have a more well-rounded social profile by getting a more accurate view of their social footprint, as well as more insight into topical expertise.


Here are some questions you may have:


Q: How does this impact the Klout Score? What signals is Klout using to determine my Youtube influence?

A: Adding a network can only positively impact the Klout Score. The algorithm now incorporates signals from YouTube data by analyzing views, shares, likes, and dislikes for content a user has created and posted.


Q: I thought my Youtube account was already connected.

A: Yes, we allowed users to connected YouTube accounts to Klout previously, but it was not one of our scored networks. We are grateful to all who were previously connected, as they allowed us to build and balance a model of the activities and profiles in a network, as well as balance its contribution to the overall Klout Score. This has enabled us to accurately add YouTube activity to the Klout score.

** Please note that even if you previously connected your YouTube account to Klout, you will need to reauthorize your connection **


Q: Why are you only adding it now?

A: Adding a robust YouTube scoring algorithm has taken time because different networks have different engagement/influence parameters. When users connect social networks, it helps us learn trends and build a data model for an updated Klout Score by collecting data. For example, today we’re also allowing users to connect their Pinterest account for the first time.


Log in to Klout to connect your YouTube account now.

Sahana Ullagaddi

Sahana Ullagaddi is Demand Generation Marketing Manager for Lithium Social Web at Lithium. She previously led content, community, and social marketing for Klout. Tweet her at @itsmesahana.

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Introducing the YouTube scoring algorithm has been years in the making and we’re very excited to offer it today. 

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Introducing the YouTube scoring algorithm has been years in the making and we’re very excited to offer it today. 


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