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How to Maximize the Reach of Your Next Blog Post
May 15, 2014


The job of a content marketer is never done. For most jobs, the “launch” means the project is complete and it’s time to move on to something else. For content marketers, the launch is just the beginning.


Content marketing is a living, breathing thing and the birth of each piece of content needs to be shared, nurtured and optimized for maximum reach. After all, if you spent all this time creating the content, don’t you want people to see it? Here’s how to make sure that happens.



Share Your Post Multiple Times


Sharing your brand new blog post on social channels is a great way to get it out there, but you have to do it more than once and on more than one channel. Let’s say you share your new blog post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ as soon as it launches. Then, schedule it (either automated or manually) to run on those channels about 10 times.  That may sound like a lot, but if you space it out, it’s actually quite helpful for both your audience and your blog exposure. Note that each social channel is different, so make sure you pace your content sharing according to the cultural norms of each platform. Here’s an example of what I mean:


•  Twitter: 2 times on day 1, 1 time on days 2-5, 1 time per week for 4 weeks
•  Facebook: 1 time on day 1, 1 time per week for 3 weeks, 1 time per month for 6 months
•  LinkedIn: 1 time on day 1 on your Group and Page, 2 times per week on for weeks 2-5 on your Group or Page (depending on your goals or what is used more), 1 time per month for 2 months on your Group or Page
•  Google+: 1 time on day 1, 1 time per week for weeks 2-5, 1 time per month for 5 months


This is just one example. You may use other channels as well.


Note that the scheduling example above is for “evergreen” content, or content that has a long-lasting message (such as this blog post) and not a timely message. For a timely message, you’ll want to condense this schedule significantly.



Experiment with Sharing Different Times of Day


The time of day for sharing your content truly depends on your audience and brand. Look at your web analytics to see the trends for when your blog is most active. In general, I’ve seen that Mondays through Thursdays are the high-traffic days, with mornings (Eastern Time) being peak time. Fridays start to show a decline in traffic while weekends have the lowest traffic. Having said that, weekends are a great time to schedule your posts, since there is less clutter (a.k.a. fewer marketing messages) at that time and — as you know since you’re a personal user of social media — your audience is often online on the weekend.



Create Multiple Messages to Find What Sticks


Now that you’re ready to share your blog post multiple times, you need to be ready with multiple messages. After all, just the headline and the link will become repetitive (unless it’s a truly killer headline). Here are some ways to mix it up:


•  Pull stats from the post
•  Pull quotes from the post
•  Ask a question related to the post
•  Mention the blog author
•  Use a few different versions of the headline
•  Feature the image in the post
•  Share someone’s thoughts on the post (such as a retweet with a comment)
•  Use a relevant hashtag



Support it with Paid Media


More and more social channels are pay to play, so as you see your different social posts and messages perform, boost the top-performing posts with paid support, such as sponsored Facebook posts, promoted tweets, or LinkedIn ads.


In addition to paid social support, you can promote your content on third party network sites, launch a paid search campaign, run display ads and more. Work it into your paid media program.


These methods push your message to a wider audience. Plus, it’s always good to mix helpful, non-promotional content into your paid media program. This adds breadth to your brand, as your audience sees both promotional and non-promotional messages. It showcases your personality, culture and thought leadership.



Get Your Employees on Board


Employee sharing is one of the easiest and best methods to amplify your blog post. Whether it’s getting them to share the post on their social channels or having them using it in a sales call, your employees want to have great insights and content to share with their networks and customers, so help each other out. Whether it’s a specific content-sharing tool or a simple email, let your employees know when each blog post is live and include:


•  Sample tweets or other social messages for easy sharing
•  A quick blurb on what the post is about
•  Clearly explaining why they should share it and how sharing it benefits them


Consider gamifying this experience with a leaderboard and prizes for the most shares. The competitive nature of your colleagues is sure to come out.



Optimize the Content for the Best Results


The beauty of content marketing is the ability to see the results of your efforts immediately and in real time. Unlike a poster on a commuter train, you know exactly how many eyeballs see your post and how they interact with it. Not taking advantage of this opportunity is a huge waste of your efforts. Use your web analytics to monitor the post. Consider how you can optimize it to enhance the performance of it, whether the post is getting traffic or not.


What do I mean by optimizing? You might think that once a post is live that it cannot be touched, but in fact, the opposite is true. Everything and anything can be updated except the URL. (Changing the URL after the fact breaks the previous URL, resulting in 404 errors and a bad user experience.) Here are some examples of what to consider changing:


•  Headline
•  Any part of the copy
•  Image(s)
•  Tags
•  Call to action


Even the best blog posts in the world need to be optimized because it breathes new life into the content, as if it’s born all over again.



Repurpose the Content


Just when you thought you’ve shared that blog post more than anyone in the entire world, there comes the opportunity to repurpose it. Consider how that post can become an infographic, a Slideshare presentation, a video blog or a chapter in your next ebook. Your audience digests content in different ways and sometimes a written blog post does not do the trick. So, why not reuse your awesome blog post in a way that reaches a whole new audience?


Before you hit that publish button on your next blog post, think about your strategy for sharing it. The more you put into your sharing approach, the more you’ll get out it. Happy sharing!


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Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson is Director of Marketing at RingLead where she leads the content marketing strategy and execution. She has spent the last three years in content marketing and community management at salesforce.com and Radian6, and has a background in account management for interactive and full service advertising agencies. Follow her on Twitter at @amandalnelson.

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