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How Fair Trade USA Reached 17.6 Million Influencers with Their UGC Campaign
July 23, 2015


“We pursued Klout Perks as an efficient avenue to get our Fair Trade message in front of a lot of people in a really authentic way.” – Bennett Wetch, Senior Manager, Tech Innovation– Fair Trade USA


Who doesn’t love yummy treats and awesome goods, especially when they were produced by farmers and workers who were justly compensated? Fair Trade USA helps farmers in developing countries build healthy, sustainable businesses with worker safe conditions that positively influence their communities. A purchase of Fair Trade Certified goods can improve an entire community’s day-to-day life. That means absolutely no guilt when you stock up on Larabars and barkTHINS chocolate!


We sat down with Fair Trade USA’s Senior Manager of Tech Innovation, Bennett Wetch, to talk about how they’re using Klout Perks influencer marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness and engagement.


What were Fair Trade’s challenges that prompted you to seek a Klout Perks influencer campaign?


As a non-profit with limited resources, we face a lot of challenges in getting our message heard and getting it to rise above the noise. So we pursued Klout Perks as an efficient avenue to get our Fair Trade message in front of a lot of people in a really authentic way.


Tell us about the Klout Perks campaign that you ran in October 2014 to celebrate Fair Trade Month.


We partnered with Klout to raise awareness and celebrate Fair Trade Month in October 2014, meaning 1,000 delighted influencers were Perked with Fair Trade Certified items including a prAna tote bag, Celestial Seasonings tea, BarkTHINS, Larabars, DangFoods chocolate-covered coconut chips, Near East quinoa, and Steaz tea.


What were the results of that Klout Perks campaign?


Our mission to improve lives and strengthen communities around the world was organically communicated through our influencers’ voices in the social world—through tweets and posts to Facebook and Instagram about Fair Trade Month. This Klout Perk generated over 6,600 pieces of content, 43.6 million impressions, and 17.6 million in reach. Hands down a very successful influencer campaign that exceeded our objectives.


Aside from the impressive digital results through your Klout Perks campaign, what other results have you seen?


The impact of Klout Perks on our marketing programs has been huge, not just with the incredible reach and impressions that we’ve seen, but also with brand awareness. Back in 2012, before we ran our first Klout campaign, awareness of the concept of Fair Trade in the United States was at around 38 percent. Today, it’s over 50 percent thanks to a growing movement of advocates and influencers. So now twice a year, we run a Klout Perk, and we have seen sustained conversation volume about Fair Trade USA as a result of our engagement with influencers through these campaigns. So both from an impressions standpoint—which we share with management and they love to see the numbers that we get from our Klout Perks campaigns—to also seeing an awareness increase and purchase intent of Fair Trade Certified products, it’s made it really easy for us to make the case for ongoing Klout Perks campaigns.


Check out our exclusive video with Bennett Wetch for more about Fair Trade USA’s digital success story.

Sahana Ullagaddi

Sahana Ullagaddi is Demand Generation Marketing Manager for Lithium Social Web at Lithium. She previously led content, community, and social marketing for Klout. Tweet her at @itsmesahana.

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