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Forbes' Most Powerful Women with Klout
October 21, 2011

Forbes recently published a list of the 100 Most Powerful Women that includes leaders from the political, media, entertainment, non-profit, and business worlds. No doubt these women have a lot of clout in their respective industries, but how does that translate to online influence?


Well, Lady Gaga has both the highest (relative) Forbes ranking and the highest Klout score. Gaga’s digital influence comes as no surprise. Beginning with MySpace and then moving to Facebook, Twitter, and even Farmville, Gaga has embraced all forms of social media. She takes pride in personally connecting with her “little monsters” which encourages her fans to engage and respond online. That, however, seems to be where any correlation between Forbes ranking and Klout score ends.


The Forbes women are leading humanitarian efforts, developing game-changing products, and creating content that reach millions. We think it’s commendable that in addition to all their work, the top ten women on our Klout list spend time engaging with their community through social media. For that we’d like to give +K in shaping the world both off and online.



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