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Featured Partners: AngelHack and MarketMeSuite
January 25, 2012


With over 3,500 partners and Klout integrations out there, it’d be impossible to catalog all of the innovative uses of Klout data across the Internet, let alone all of the fun ones. We’re at a very interesting time in the API space: there’s an amazing amount of data and services out there, and the software development and startup communities are taking notice. While not exactly a new trend, hackathons have been evolving over the last year and a half. Rather than just being a one-off “hack” event, legitimate companies are launching based on the vision of founders and developers at events like AngelHack and StartupWeekend.


This quarter we plan to highlight the cool integrations we see from events like these, as well as more established companies doing something cool. So without further ado:

011f1220-f5a6-41c3-a8e7-21f0c1147f49.jpgBitGym's Tron Game
AngelHack was held back in December. An extremely impressive event, had a lot of promise in its format and what it was offering to developers, investors, and partners alike. While the Klout Prize went to HireFluence, BitGym was among the winners for the overall event, with their Tron-influenced game that utilized Klout alongside their fitness game platform. Klout is used to determine the color of your lightcycle trail, as well as the size of your avatar. It’s a clever usage. I really look forward to AngelHack 2.0, being held on March 3rd. Video: BitGym at AngelHack 2011



4c6221ac-e71f-4bfe-8c94-38e52d34d59b.pngMarketMeSuiteMarketMeSuite is a staunch supporter of influence metrics and Klout. With their upcoming new release, they’ve reinvented their product as an Inbox for social media, taking the mail management metaphor to a satisfying conclusion: you have multicolored flags you can flag tweets, FB posts, and LinkedIn data with. Content is presented as messages. A user’s Klout score is displayed on a user’s profile when looking at a message.


In the coming weeks and months we’re preparing for a number of new developer events, like Social Media Week, MusicHackDay, AngelHack 2.0, and, of course,SXSW.


What are some of your favorite Klout integrations? What would you like to see?

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