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ESPN: Tennis Pro Andrea Petkovic has Klout
August 21, 2013

This is the fifth profile in collaboration with ESPN to highlight athletes with high social media influence. Other profiles include Ben Crane, Paul BissonnetteBrandon McCarthy, and Jamal Crawford.



Julian Finney/Getty Images 


The latest profile from our collaboration series with ESPN includes insights from tennis pro Andrea Petkovic. With a Klout Score of 83, she’s amassed a dedicated following on social media that could almost rival the number of dedicated fans she has on the courts.


How does Andrea use social media in a unique way?


She loves using social media so much, that she confesses in her interview that her best tweets happen while stopped at red lights. (We don’t recommend this.) Impressively, Andrea tweets in four languages: German, Serbian, French, and English. “Each language has its own vibe,” she says, and prefers English to convey her humor.


“I also think most players are kind of guarded. They don’t want to show their fun side, maybe because it makes them look vulnerable. But it’s important to show that we’re not just intense creatures who don’t have fun.”


Read the full profile here.



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