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Did Andy Samberg Bomb as Host of the 67th Annual Emmy Awards?
September 21, 2015



The 67th annual Emmy Awards had great moments and even made history. We saw Tracy Morgan make a triumphant return to TV since his tragic accident, Jon Hamm finally winning a well-deserved Emmy after 16 nominations and Viola Davis making history as the first African American ever to win best actress in a drama series. These were all great TV and social media moments, but one of the most buzzed about topics was Andy Samberg as the show’s host.


Being a host is no easy feat, let alone for television’s biggest night and for millions of viewers. The host always seems to draw up the most online (and offline) buzz and controversy. Hosting is said to be Hollywood’s most thankless job and a job that sets each host up for criticism. Now in the world of social media, the criticism just gets amplified, to say the least.


The Internet had its initial reactions, which were all very mixed on Twitter. Writer Brian Lowry of Variety felt that Samberg got ‘boxed in by host role.’  Whereas Wired’s Michael Becker felt that he did not bomb, noting, ‘Don’t believe the initial reactions. Andy Samberg did a great job hosting the Emmys.”


So we had to ask, if the critics can’t make up their minds on Samberg‘s performance, what does social media think based on social reputation and influence. 


We looked at the last 10 years of Emmy Awards hosts and ranked them per Klout Score.




Ellen DeGeneres is best suited to be the host based on Klout, but just by a hair, because Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Fallon are right on her heels. Ellen DeGeneres is the epitome of a host – the comedian brings laughter to millions of people on her daytime show as well as on Twitter. With more than 47 million Twitter followers and more than 20 million Facebook fans (plus she just launched a Snapchat account), she is a social media powerhouse that intersects pop-culture, topical issues and real people to all her messages. People love her because she’s just like us, but much funnier (and with much more Klout).  And, who can forget the infamous Oscar Selfie, which was one of most retweeted tweets of 2014.


So, let’s throw it back to 2005 and get Ellen back as the Emmy Awards host again.


The gig of ‘host’ is obviously a contentious subject, but let’s be honest they all do a pretty good job.


Who’s your pick for the 68th Emmy Awards host? Let us know in the comments below!

Francisca Fanucchi

Francisca is a Klout expert that has worked with Klout since 2014.

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