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Cinch Favorites: 5 Perfect Gifts For Tech Lovers
November 21, 2013

Do you remember the most creative gifts that you’ve received for the holidays? Even if you’ve made that list and checked it twice, these unique holiday gifts are sure to give yours a run for your money! After you go through the gifts in this list, make sure to download Cinch (powered by Klout) to get trusted advice from experts on all of your holiday gift questions. Cinch extends your trusted network beyond your friends by allowing you to directly tap into advisors with specialized areas of expertise.


Router by The Consortium For Slow InternetTweet this



The Consortium for Slower Internet, an initiative founded by MIT graduate Sam Kronick, has developed this router (along with a collection of other household electronics) that seeks to modernize the relationship between consumer electronics in the home. The wifi router, enclosed in a concrete planter perfect for succulents, mosses, or small ferns, was designed by following the principles of the consortium: “duration, de-familiarization, autonomy and divergence”. The router, from The Consortium’s Cybernetic Meadow collection, runs for about $350 and can be bought here.


Eco-Amp by Eco-MadeTweet this



Do you ever wish your iPhone’s speaker could just be louder? Thanks to Eco-made, an environmentally friendly company based in Los Angeles, has created a product that can help you do just that. The Eco-Amp, an iPhone amplifier made from 100% post consumer chipboard, works due to its design that is very similar to that of an old phonograph; the sound is simply amplified by the eco-amp’s horn-shaped apparatus, bringing you a louder sound from your iPhone. The convenient thing about this product is that it can be flattened before and after use, taking up no room when you bring it with you.



Biolite Campstove Tweet this

Need a present for someone with a passion for the outdoors? Give the gift of preparing an amazing meal on-the-go with the help of Biolite’s CampStove. This is one of our favorite items because while you cook, it charges most USB-compatible gadgets by converting heat into electricity while you’re cooking dinner. The awesome thing about this product is that it’s super easy to get started: just find some sticks around your campsite, throw ‘em in, and get cooking! You can grab the Biolite CampStove here for $129.95.



Space Bar Desk Organizer by Quirky Tweet this

CoinTweet this

If you’re like us here at Klout, your wallet is no doubt overloaded with countless credit, debit, gift, and membership cards. Coin, a San Francisco-based startup, aims to help fix this seemingly uncontrollable situation with their new product, a low-energy bluetooth connected device capable of storing all your card info in one place. With the included Coin app, you can easily add, manage, and sync all of the cards on your Coin device. A great thing about the Coin app is that if you leave your Coin somewhere or lose it, your smartphone is alerted, sending you a notification. For $55, you can pre-order Coin here.


These are our favorite gifts for the 2013 holiday season. Do you have any awesome ideas of gifts for family and friends? Let us know in the comments!



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