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Charlie Sheen Needs a Klout Score
March 02, 2011

Despite the non-stop media coverage of all things Charlie Sheen, I didn’t think I’d be writing a post on Charlie Sheen today at Klout – but Charlie has arrived on Twitter and as I write this post, the @CharlieSheen mention stream is anything but a stream – it’s a torrent.


It’s been reported that CharlieSheen has a Klout score of 57 – how could that be? He’s never tweeted – that is until this afternoon.


Here are the facts:


-Until today, the @charliesheen Twitter name was not the real Charlie Sheen. Large numbers of people mentioned @charliesheen, old-style re-tweeted forged tweets by @charliesheen, etc. As a result, this profile displayed a Klout score.


-Sometime today, the real Charlie Sheen claimed @charliesheen and now appears as a Twitter verified account. The Twitter name remains the same, but the internal Twitter ID has been changed which is why Charlie Sheen now needs a Klout score – a score for Charlie will appear tomorrow.


At Klout we measure influence which we define as the ability to drive measurable actions across the social web. Charlie’s first tweet contained a link to a picture – that link has been clicked through 455,000 times at the time of this writing (6:39PM PST).

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