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American Airlines’ Admirals Club Welcomes Klout Users in Nearly 40 Locations
May 07, 2013

At Klout, we know that understanding your influence through the Klout Score, Moments and analysis is just one step toward being recognized for your influence. We launched our Klout Perks program to recognize influencers with amazing products and experiences, and have partnered with major brands like Sony, Nike, Microsoft, Disney, Audi, Gilt and many others in an attempt to keep upping ourselves. Influencers clearly like this recognition – we delivered our one millionth Perk last week!


We think we’ve found another way to top ourselves…


Today we’re announcing a partnership with American Airlines that gives Klout users access to nearly 40 worldwide lounge locations including San Francisco, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London and many more. Starting today, if you have a Klout Score of 55 or higher, you can gain access to the Admirals Club by going to www.aa.com/klout. You do not have to be an American Airlines passenger to be eligible for this Perk.



This is only the beginning of the momentum we’re seeing with businesses and brands who recognize the power of Klout to further reward their best customers, and introduce themselves to a great breed of new customers.


Go to www.aa.com/klout to get your Klout treatment!



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