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10 Ways To Improve Your Twitter Engagement
January 17, 2014


Many people create social media accounts assuming their audience will naturally engage with each and every post. However, this is far from the truth! It’s important to make sure your content is interesting enough that it spawns engaging discussions amongst yourself and your followers and resonates with your audience. Here are 10 ways to increase engagement on your social posts:


1. Use milestones as an opportunity to tell your story


As humans, we have a tendency to be drawn in by stories; they transport us to a different place, and in this place we may embrace things we’d likely dismiss in the real world. This is why it’s important to use your milestones as a chance to tell a story in social posts: Announcements and sales pitches are easy to ignore, but people really cannot resist hearing an interesting story. What are some great ways to craft compelling stories out of  milestones? Always include an image that corresponds with your story, because graphics are great for capturing your reader’s attention. It is also important to include a call to action with a link to more information in your milestone.



2. Understand your audience and cater to them


When you identify and get to know who your audience is, you can then adjust your messaging in social posts to address the primary concerns of your audience. For example, if you are writing to an audience who is specifically interested in self-improvement, then you should apply a written style that conveys how they can learn from your content. You should also consider using photos, charts, and infographics, which  help convey the voice of a post much more effectively than plain-text.


3. Communicate your perspective

After assessing who your audience is, it’s important to then convey a point of view in your social posts. In academic writing, it’s often necessary to make it clear to readers what your opinions are or what your position is regarding a certain issue. The same can be applied to writing social posts. Without a clear and consistent voice, it becomes difficult for potential followers to discern what your interests and areas of expertise are (and whether or not following you will be beneficial for them).



4. Use more verbs in your social posts


The words you choose to use when crafting your Twitter posts can have significant effects on social engagement.  Studies have shown that tweets with links that contain verbs and adverbs tend to have a higher click-through rate than those that do not. It follows that verbs work best, as they help your social posts become more effective at showing what something actually did rather than if you attributed a seemingly-false or overused adjective to describe it. When used in the right way, verbs create clever descriptions and require minimal punctuation, so they are not as likely to slow down the person reading your tweets.


5. Make your post memorable with numbers & statistics


This tip is straight-forward. Using numbers and statistics in your social posts increases engagement by making a compelling case. The numbers make your post legitimate and increase your authority on a given subject, and is a proven way to be more persuasive.


6. Use images with highlighted quotes


Here’s a fun fact: 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Another fun fact: humans process images 60,000 times faster than plain text. It follows that one of the biggest trends in social media is image-based posts; On Twitter, about 700 videos are shared each minute while on Facebook, photos are engaged with two times more than text updates. While texts posts can certainly be compelling, an image with a quote highlighting the main idea of a post really takes the amount of engagement you can get to the next level.



7. Re-share your posts to reach new audiences


Use scheduling tools to schedule out and re-share multiple posts. Since only a small percentage of your followers are going to see your social posts each time you add something fresh and new, it’s important to remember that social media posts tend to lose their “freshness.” It’s for that exact reason that we recommend re-sharing each of your content to maximize your audience reach.


8. Pay-it-forward and give credit to authors


The best Twitter accounts are experts at sharing curated content. Data, links, ideas, etc.; all of these things are shared regularly by an account with a great grasp on its influence. When you share a lot of content, it’s important to remember to give credit where credit is due. It encourages others to also cite where they’ve found content from, and introduces your followers to new content creators they might not have otherwise known.


9. Use interesting quotes from content


Many social media users have limited attention spans. In a time where the amount of content online can become too much to sift through quickly, people must be very picky about the content they decide to lend their attention to. With large text-based posts, many users can tend to be turned off simply because they don’t want to put the time into reading it without knowing what they’re getting into. However, using a compelling quote to summarize content with a lot of text is a great way to pique someone’s interest. It’s a driving force to motivate readers to stay engaged and delve into your content in greater detail.


10. Identify influencers sharing your content and start a conversation


One of the most important (and most neglected) social media practices is identifying influencers who share your content and building relationships with them. It only takes a simple gesture such as starting a conversation to let active members of your online community know that you appreciate their involvement and engagement. Oftentimes, when you extend a simple “thank you”, your influencers are appreciative that you recognized them and continue to share your content.


Incorporating these ten strategies will certainly help you improve your Twitter engagement. What are other tactics you use to engage your Twitter community? Let us know in the comments below.



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