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1 Million Perks
May 13, 2013

In 2010, we launched Klout Perks with the goal of recognizing and rewarding our users for their influence. After three very busy years, we are proud to have grown into the world’s largest, most successful influencer program with more than one million Perks claimed. The one millionth Perk was particularly fun as the influencer received a limited edition vinyl of Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated album.


We take pride that Klout Perks rewards everyday influencers and has connected them with more than 400 brands. Companies like GM, Red Bull, American Express, Sony and Nike value their most passionate fans, and have reached them through Klout, and we thank them for helping us reward influencers for being themselves.


Despite our success, we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of Klout. We have 200,000 businesses and millions of consumers registered on our site, and we’re bringing more of them together with our recent launch of Klout for Business. This platform improves our ability to measure influence, leverages that data to connect influencers with the brands they love and measures the impact of influencer campaigns.


We are excited for the future of influencer marketing and Klout’s role in shaping it, but before we continue to charge forward let’s take a trip down memory lane by taking a quick look at our Perk history.


1m-perkfinal (3).png



Klout helps people be known for what they love.


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